Spa Lunches at Melville Hall Hotel & Utopia Spa

Wholesome & Healthy

Melville Hall Hotel and Utopia Spa invite you to taste the delicious wholesome and healthy Spa lunches. Providing you with the right energy to see you through the day, you are spoilt for choice with a wide range of fresh salads, panninis and sandwiches. Of course you can compliment them with your own choice of freshly prepared smoothies and juices.

As part of your day pampering yourself in the Utopia Spa, you can enjoy a spa lunch or simply relax and refresh yourself in the Leisure Club.

You can enjoy a fabulous spa lunch as part of a day of pampering in the Utopia Spa or a time of relaxation in the Leisure Club or simply to refresh yourself during your day.

Your spa lunch can be served in either the quiet lounge, Festival Bar Lounge or even on the beautiful patio during warm sunny weather.

Spa lunches are available at Melville Hall Hotel in Sandown on the beautiful Isle of Wight and you can enjoy them whether you are a hotel resident, spa guest or non resident.
The combination of healthy fresh ingredients and the relaxing peaceful location is the perfect way to unwind and refresh during the day.

For a more substantial fine dining evening dinner, then take a look at the options available in the Summerhill Restaurant. The Festival Bar promises you that perfectly relaxing environment and serves both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to accompany your delicious spa lunch.